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CALLAN (1974) - This was the second time I worked with Edward Woodward, the first in a TV series where I played a butcher. Edward was a pleasure to work with, but we did have one nasty moment when I had to slap him across the face and instead of missing him I actually hit him and knocked him out of his chair. I apologised profusely and fortunately Edward was not too hurt.

FRANKENSTEIN AND THE MONSTER FROM HELL (1973) - One of my favourite films and one in which I gave one of my best acting performances. The doyenne of Hammer film directors Terence Fisher directed and Peter Cushing was making his come back film after going through a long period of bereavement after the death of his wife. Madeleine Smith and Shane Bryant co starred and I reprised the monster role giving me the doubtful honour of being the only actor ever to play the Hammer monster twice. The action took place in an asylum. When I did the Horror of Frankenstein the make up for the head piece took 2 1/2 hours every day to be fashioned by make up expert Tom Smith. In Monster from Hell the whole make up was done with a mask and the body built up on a wet suit that took only 20 minutes to apply. Eddie Knight was the make up man.

WHITE CARGO (1973) - This was filmed originally as ALBERT'S FOLLIES with Ray Selfe directing and David Jason starring. To put it bluntly, it was not a good movie and did nothing to further David Jason's career. We filmed at Twickenham studios and David, Ray and the rest of the cast were fun to work with. This is another film that is on late night TV as 'White Cargo'.

BLACKSNAKE (1973) - This is a film I did for Russ Meyer who was famous for his soft porn movies. Blacksnake was a departure from the porn as he decided with the advent of A Clockwork Orange that violence was the big thing and sex was out. We filmed in Barbados with David Warbeck playing the lead and Anouska Hempel as the lustful plantation owner, Percy Herbert the plantation boss, and myself as the Duppie who was the deaf and dumb, castrated ex lover of the female lead and the brother of the male lead! All I did in the movie was run through the scenes frightening the natives to death and back to the plantation fields. The film came out in various disguises, Blacksnake, The Whip, Duchess of Doom, Sweet Susie she aint no Lady and eventually Slaves. The film was the beginning of a friendship with Russ that lasted many years.

VAMPIRE CIRCUS (1972) - This to me was one of the best ever of the Hammer Horror movies. Directed by Robert Young it had advanced special effects of people changing into animals and vice versa and also was one of the most sexually explicit movies for its time. I played the part of the circus strongman and got my back blown out with a shotgun blast prepared by special effects master Les Bowie. Adrienne Corrie was the female lead assisted by Lala Ward and a young Lynne Fredericks. A good movie spoiled slightly by Hammer refusing to give Robert Young more time to complete the film as he wanted. When working for Hammer, it is to a budget, financial and time, and there is no question of running over.

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